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5 Tips to Manage Your Prayer Time in Ankara

Prayer is an essential part of the Muslim faith, and maintaining a consistent prayer routine is crucial to achieving spiritual growth. If you are new to Ankara or have recently moved to a new neighborhood, managing your prayer time can be challenging. Fortunately, there are several tips and strategies you can use to stay on track and maintain your prayer schedule. This article will provide five practical tips to help you manage your prayer time in Ankara effectively.

Understand the Prayer Times in Ankara

The first step to managing your prayer time in Ankara is to understand the prayer times. As you may already know, there are five prayer times in Islam, each with its designated time of the day. In Ankara, the prayer times vary according to the sunrise and sunset.

During the summer, the Fajr Athan is at around 3:00 AM, while the Isha Athan is at around 9:30 PM. During the winter, the Fajr Athan is at around 05:00 AM, and the Isha prayer is at around 07:30 PM. It is essential to keep track of the prayer times in your local mosque or use a reliable prayer schedule app.

Plan Your Day Ahead of Time

To manage your prayer time effectively, you should plan your day ahead of time. Make a list of your daily activities and allocate prayer times accordingly. If you have commitments, such as work or school, plan your prayer times ahead of time and inform your colleagues or teachers in advance. Make sure to prioritize your five daily prayers and avoid scheduling activities during these times.

Find a Quiet and Secluded Place

Finding a quiet and secluded place to pray is essential for maintaining concentration and focus. If you live in a crowded neighborhood, finding a quiet place to pray may be challenging. However, you can try to find a mosque or a park nearby where you can pray peacefully.

If you cannot find a secluded place, try to create one in your home by designating a specific area for prayer. Ensure that the area is free from distractions, such as electronic gadgets and loud noises. This will help you avoid any unnecessary interruptions and stay focused during your prayer times.

Avoid Distractions and Stay Focused

Distractions during prayer can be a significant challenge, especially if you are praying in a public place or at home. To avoid distractions, switch off your phone and any other electronic devices before prayer. This will help you concentrate fully on your prayer and avoid any interruptions.

Additionally, ensure that you clear your mind of any distracting thoughts before prayer. Take a few minutes to meditate and reflect before starting your prayer. This will help you stay focused and maintain a spiritual connection during your prayer.

Use Prayer Apps and Tools to Help You Stay on Track

In this digital age, several prayer apps and tools can be instrumental in helping you manage your prayer time. These apps provide accurate prayer times, reminders, and even direction to your nearest mosque. Some of the best apps for managing your prayer time include Muslim Pro, Athan by Islamic Finder, and Salaam: Muslim Prayer Assistant.

Additionally, you can use other tools, such as prayer mats and Tasbeehs, to help you remain focused during prayer. These tools provide a physical reminder of your commitment to prayer and help you maintain concentration during your prayer times.


Managing prayer time in Ankara can be challenging, but it is essential for maintaining a spiritual connection and achieving personal growth. By understanding prayer times, planning your day ahead of time, finding a quiet and secluded place to pray, avoiding distractions, and using prayer apps and tools to help you stay on track, you can manage your prayer time effectively. Remember to prioritize your prayer times and make a commitment to consistent prayer.