Does it break the prayer?

Greetings! 1) If a person urinates in a small amount while performing ablution, performing ablution, and praying, does the prayer become invalid, or is there a reasonable amount of urine? 2). When lending or borrowing

"Ask People of Zikr" Committee:

- And hello! 1). Even a small amount of urine is void. 2). It is not necessary to agree on the term of the loan. He is not a sinner if he gives or takes a loan without consent. If the sale is made, it is necessary to set a deadline. It is not necessary to specify the debt in the hasana. A promise is a promise. The person who gave the loan has the right to take it before the due date if he is in need. God bless you!

4 July 2022, 23:59 | Questions and answers | 638
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